Things to do for the semester break for kids

One of the struggles of parents having a tween son and 2 more younger sons aging from 7-8 comes when semestral break begins. Oh yeah! There will be a continuous yapping about being bored and starting to be restless that will eventually annoy and disturb your regular daily routine. Here are the some of the things we as a family do this semestral break ..


Children nowadays need to appreciate the beauty of nature. What an adventure if they can physically experience and learn it by using their five senses.. good thing my kids are keen to jump into exploring the woods.


Kids need to have a physical exercise to keep them free from sickness and it is a way to relax the mind away from the strenuous studying of the previous semester.


Paint. Bring out the artistic and creative side of our kids.

Of course . They need to read to broaden their knowledge and expand their vocabulary.


Ask them to do some household chores to knock some responsibility out of them.


And the best of all to refrain them from using the gadgets that will harm their eyes is to have some good rest.. you know what i mean! Let them sleep a while to make them strong and grow an inch or more.


Happy childhood memories will bring up more good people in the future.

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